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Hair Rescue Repair Spray


A repair spray that helps to repair hair fibres and protect ends, combating hair loss and preventing breakage. It facilitates styling, providing shine as well as protecting hair from damage caused by the heat of the hairdryer. It doesn’t leave a residue or weigh down hair; helps to define curls and prevent frizz in curly hair, and gives volume to straight hair, leaving it flowing. No rinsing required.

It contains Hydrolysed Wheat Proteins, which penetrate and strengthen hair fibres, improving hydration (by up to 80%), softness and shine, and thus, resistance to breakage. Together with Ginseng extract, Phytoactive Complex, which is derived from germinating Wheat germ and Soya beans, provides energy to the scalp and the nutrients needed to boost hair growth. Honey and Pro-Vitamin B5 active ingredients condition and add shine to the hair, while a thermal protector shields it from damage caused by using hairdryers.

NaturVital Hair Rescue Repair Spray

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